#4 How Not To Be A Loser In Life

In most instances in life people find themselves at the bottom of the ladder and still do not know how they got there. Everything you try to do does not work out, be it work, friendships or relationships you are just a loser at it all.

Finally, one day, when we have had enough, we start looking for ways on how to stop being a loser. If you too are searching for ways to stop people from calling you a loser, here are some tips to help you.

First things first, you need to change your attitude.  People who get called a loser usually have a pessimist attitude towards life; they always look at the negative sides of everything. They never have anything good to say to others; rather, they discourage themselves and others with their pessimism.

If you want to know how to stop being a loser, you need to start showing a positive side to your personality. You need to have something enthusiastic and positive to say about most of the things in your life, even when the situation is rough. Try encouraging others with your attitude and people will be able to accept you better.

You need to have a goal in life. Have aims, things you want to do, levels you want to reach. Some people have no idea whatsoever about where their life is going and this how they then become losers in life and want to blame on circumstances. A person without something to look forward to is a person who is not going anywhere in life, and that is not the type of person other people respect or look up to.

If you have the attributes of a loser, learn to take the responsibilities. It’s not someone else’s fault if you are a pessimistic person, or if you fail at everything you try to do. Take full responsibility for everything that happens to you – the good and the bad – because that’s what a successful person does.

Disappointments are inevitable in life, but if you give up and start mourning after every failure, you will ultimately become a loser. It is normal to feel down after you fail at something, but not when you make it into something big that becomes your whole life.

Whatever difficulty life throws at you, you must always try and be happy with what you have. In between everything bitter that happens to you, you should try and be happy and grateful for what you have already possessed.

“Why not” – that should be your motto in life. Whatever problem arises in front of you, say “Why not”! Think of yourself as capable of doing everything in life; nothing is too good for you or too difficult for you.

The onus of making it in life is all upto you and the efforts you put. Stop blaming sh*t on people and God. Pick yourself up and do well for yourself. #30DayAfriBlogger



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