My Worst Sleepover



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I love my bed and I hate sleepovers. Sometimes I have no choice, caught in situations where I have to put up at a friends place but on a good day I would rather go home and sleep on my bed.

My strong hate for sleepovers is explained in this article. 

One late afternoon on a Wednesday a friend that had been begging me to sleepover cornered me into spending the night at her house. For almost three months she had been sending out the invite, I wasn’t keen but on that day I seemed not to have a choice.

The drive to her place was so long, I could not even keep up with the conversation. My mind was at my house. After a long day one would just want to lie in their bed.

We got to her house, she did not want to cook, you know why? She was tired from work and I wasn’t right. Well I always prefer my cooking so I made dinner and extra for my packed lunch.

During the week I make sure I’m in bed by 10PM and there was Faith jumping into her queen size bed.

She took cushions from the couch, placed them on the floor, put sheets and a blanket on them. Couldn’t have been mine, we can fit on the bed together I thought.

Got the shock of my life when she told me to get off the bed and sleep on the three cushions. I’m a very short person but my feet were hanging, almost touching the cold tiled floor.


I was dumbfounded. I could not even utter a word of complaint. To worsen the situation she wanted to sleep with the TV and lights on.

I cannot do that, I want total silence and darkness when I sleep, its the only way I can fall asleep.

God knows I was pissed. By the way I did not have clothes for work the day after.

I was the first to get up and had to stare at the ceiling till she woke up.

I barely slept that night and also woke up with a sore back.



That morning she took forever doing her make up and I had to watch her take her sweet time look pretty. Deep down I wanted to strangle her to death.

I was late for work, because we had to pass through my house and dress up. Funny thing is she found nothing wrong with what happened the previous night and that morning.

She volunteered to wait while I dress up, I told her to go ( wanted to tell her to f*%k off).

Yes I chose public transport over a free ride, even when I was that late because I could not stand the sight of her face.

I’m not being petty but growing up, every time we had visitors at home we slept in the lounge and they used the bedrooms. Make guests comfortable, especially if you have invited them over is what I was taught.

Honestly in my right senses I would not choose sleeping on the floor at someone’s house, when I can have a peaceful sleep in my bed.

This marked my worst sleepover and here is a perfect song for this experience.

Handirari kuden kwenyu futi meaning I will not sleep at your house again.


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